“The Art of the Pitch” – Read This Article For Awesome Tips

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“From laying the foundation with strong relationships, to doing the tedious research, there are a number of moving parts that go into securing a feature on your music, all of which fall second to what really does the trick: the pitch. You’re curating information and shaping it to land in the most effective way. Here are some tips!”

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Hey artists! Here are some “Essential Tips for Recording Pro-Quality Lead Vocals!”


“There are no hard-and-fast rules for either the recordist or the singer when recording vocals. Whatever works for you is right for you, and my experiences (and opinions) will differ from yours and even from some of my most esteemed colleagues and heroes. Consider this but one set of perspectives. That said, let’s take a look at a few things that I feel can facilitate maximum recorded expression from a vocalist (whether that’s you or someone else).”

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Check out these tips on how to make networking more fun!

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“What if you stopped thinking about networking as this big, scary, business-card-swapping event and instead, started treating it the same way you’d make friends? Because when you get down to it, that’s really what networking is. Thinking of it that way really takes the pressure off. Here are a few ways to get started.”

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SoundFly has the “4 Easy Things You Should Be Doing At Every Live Show”


“These are four easy-to-develop performing habits that contribute to long-term success and to making bigger, better impressions on both new audiences and fans.” Click the link for the full article!

Quick Tip: Use Twitter Lists To Give Your Music Networking A Boost


“Twitter lists bring order to your Twitter stream, allow you to network better, and provide you with an unlimited, yet organized, feed of news and ideas.

Besides that, as Hootsuite puts it, “Twitter lists are the new ‘follow.’” When you add someone to a Public list, he or she may be notified via email and via Twitter itself.”

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Here’s a creative way to grow your fanbase!

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Done poorly, however, they can end up logistical nightmares that cost more in time, energy, and sanity than they deliver in results. Here are our top three tips for musicians looking to run a successful online contest.”

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Learn how to use Pinterest to boost your fanbase and album sales!


“Marketing your new album or promoting upcoming gigs? Use Pinterest to inexpensively and effectively grow your audience, drive web traffic, and sell your music!

Pinterest is basically a social media scrapbook where users save and share images and links. It has long been considered a powerful tool for driving web traffic, second only to Facebook. Music marketers have been recommending bands invest time into Pinterest advertising for years, but the platform’s reputation for wedding planning and mason jar recipes has kept many musicians from taking it seriously and pursuing its potential.” Click the link to read more!

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