US Review: Michael Tracy “Still Got Soul”

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Michael Tracy

Still Got Soul

Review by Gary Hill
If you are looking for outside of the box, super-creative music, you probably will want to steer clear of this. However, if you are looking for a modern artist who is creating classic sounds with great hooks and chops, look no further. Combining classic rock sounds with country and more, this album is really so cool.

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Track by Track Review
I dig the cool guitar riff that starts this. The vocals come in over the top in fine fashion. This is a fast paced, hard rocker that has some country in the mix. The chorus is melodic and hook laden. This thing just works so well, making it a great opener.
My Lisa
Less hard-edged than the opener, this is still a rocker. It has more of that roots music, country aspect to it. It’s all tempered with a classy pop rock sound, though. This is another catchy cut.
Still Got Soul
The title track seems to combine bluesy rock with a country element. This cut is full of lyrical references to classic rock songs. Musically it really fits into that category, too. I particularly like the melodic guitar solo on the number.
Call Me Wild
Another cool rocker, there is plenty of Americana in the mix here. This is both catchy and classy. It has some meaty riffing built into it, too.
No More Waiting
A balladic piece at the start, this is another with a real classic musical texture. It builds out to a more rocking take of its musical concepts as it works forward. This really feels like something that would have been at home on the radio in the late 1970s.
Sweet Smile
With a country edge to it, this is a killer rocker. This one could probably qualify as country music these days, but honestly, it’s more of a mainstream rocker. It has some great hooks and riffs. There is even a bit of a rap mid-track.
Savannah Nights
This is more of a balladic cut. It has plenty of country along with classic rock in the mix. It’s a catchy tune with some great musical textures and melodies.
Shake It
The guitar sound that starts this really has a lot of Jimi Hendrix in it. One might expect that we’re about to head out into that type of song. Instead it drops away leaving behind some serious jazz guitar based music. The chorus has more of a raunch and roll vibe to it.
While there are still plenty of classic textures here, this is the most modern pop rocker of the disc. It’s catchy and cool.
More balladic in nature at the start, this turns toward power ballad later. There is some killer guitar soloing on the number, and it’s a catchy cut on a disc full of catchy music.
Bonus Track


Poinsettia Rose
Percussion starts this cut. The track comes in with an old school rockabilly vibe. This is a Christmas tune that really rocks.


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Germany Review: Michael Tracy “Still Got Soul”

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Michael Tracy / Still Got Soul – CD Review

Artist: Michael | Tracy Label: Self-Produced Music Style: AOR , Melodic Rock , Stadium Rock

Michael Tracy / Still Got Soul 


In 2011, Michael Tracy started his musical career as a singer / songwriter. That was on the occasion of a live performance in Charlotte, North Carolina. Already in the same year appeared the first album, “Enough Small Talk”. Four more records followed and now there is the new, “Still Got Soul”.

Tracy presents wonderful melodic old school rock full of harmonies and predominantly beautiful sound in widescreen format. A rich sound reminiscent of musicians like John Mellencamp , Bob Seger , Tom Petty,and occasionally coupled with the kind of music presented by Boston or Asia . This has resulted in a combination of typical eighties rock with an occasional touch of Westcoast Rock. Here you can listen well and relaxed and feel good.

Over the course of the season you will be confronted with different moods. From typical mainstream rock, melodic rock, it goes to varieties of arena rock, mostly on the bottom of the classic rock. Basically, it is mainly Adult Orientated Rock (AOR), which is sometimes fuller and stronger, sometimes gentler and more melodic, but always with the certain hooklines, pleasantly flowing in the solar plexus. With an expressive, if not necessarily powerful voice, which is often accompanied by background vocals, the singer Tracy creates a harmonic mood and more than once the eighties seem to be quoted, as the title song says:

»I still remember in ’81
I saw that Lucy in the sky and I was done
So now I dust off my old 45s
Here I am like I was 10 playing records thru the night«

“It’s been a long time since I rock n ‘roll
Got no faith but I still got soul
Might of been lost along the way
But I’m not afraid of yesterday.”

Anyway, you can feel how much Tracy is standing behind the songs with his soul and heart, always eager to convince a pleasant sound that quickly grabs and takes you as a listener. So the pleasing compositions have succeeded, albeit no masterpieces, but with a guarantee for a beautiful listening experience.

Line-up Michael Tracy:

Michael Tracy (vocals, all instruments)
Brock Whitfield (drums, except – # 11)

Tracklist “Still Got Soul”:

  1. Laughter (3:11)
  2. My Lisa (4:11)
  3. Still Got Soul (3:29)
  4. Call Me Wild (3:47)
  5. No More Waiting (3:57)
  6. Sweet Smile (3:20)
  7. Savannah Night (3:48)
  8. Shake It (3:11)
  9. Hopeful (3:26)
  10. Raven (4:32)
  11. Poinsettia Red (Bonus Track) (2:26)

(All songs written by Michael Tracy and Sahaj Ticotin )

Total playing time: 39:27, release year: 2017


Polish Review: Michael Tracy “Still Got Soul”

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Artur Chachlowski , 12/20/2017

Tracy, Michael – Still Got Soul

Michael Tracy is still little known in Poland, but it’s quite well-known in his homeland American artist. His works are part of the musical trend developed by performers such as Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, Tom Petty and John Mellencamp. He appeared on the same stages as Bon Jovi, Styx, Foreigner, Dokken or Jefferson Starship. And I think that these names and the aforementioned names are a good indication of the style in which our hero’s work is written.


In mid-November, a new, fourth album by Michael Tracy was released, entitled “Still Got Soul” released by the newly created TW Music Group label. After three previous records, Michael decided to take matters into his own hands and he was looking for a competent producer who would give his compositions an appropriate old school rock and roll cut. Luckily, he met Bob Marlette and Sahaja Ticotin from Los Angeles, with whom he built a strong bond and started working with them on the new album material. The first effect of this cooperation was the Christmas issue, composed the previous year, entitled “Poinsettia Red”. This piece, in the form of a slightly humorous bonus, closes the program of the album “Still Got Soul”, on which we can also find 10 other recordings with a clearly song character. They fit in gracefully into the atmosphere of American stadium rock. And so they are full of pleasant melodies, incredibly catchy choruses and simple but sometimes pompous arrangements. The most interesting fragments of this release include “Laughter”, “Call Me Wild”, “Sweet Smile”, “No More Waiting” ballad or perhaps the most interesting in this set the title “Still Got Soul.”



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Michael Tracy does not ring a bell. Or it had to be in the Navy for its years of military commitment in Mediterranean waters. Once married and two adorable children, he left the spacious sea and collapsed on his true love: the guitar. As a singer / songwriter he fooed the clubs in Charlotte and it was not long before his first album appeared in 2011, with both band and success. ‘Still Got Soul’ is his fourth hit and is rocking his American: straight forward in the wake of Bruce Springsteen or John Mellencamp. Goe busy, because they played this year in the support act of Bon Jovi, Jefferson Starship and the Marshall Tucker Band.
The songs sprout from the spirit and hand of Michael Tracy himself and fellow Sahaj Ticotin (rock band Ra). Opener ‘Laugher’ immediately swings the pans from the roof, with handsome guitar work. (Again, the better guitarists are in the States!). The songs radiate joyfulness, which we can certainly use in the foggy depressive Belgian music scene. Jumping, headbanging, dancing and hopping with a smile on your face. You do not hear that often. Michael Tracy undoubtedly developed his own style through original use of samples, reverb and short classical guitar solos. Bonus track ‘Poinsettia Red’ is a pure old shool rock’n roll song and would soon end up in the charts. To top it all off: Michael Tracy rocks nicer and better than his idols. Highly recommended!
Marino Serdons (4 ½)
The new MICHAEL TRACY album ‘STILL GOT SOUL’ can be classified as one of the best in 2017. He managed to develop his own creative sound in the American rock wilderness. Europe is calling for live concerts!

Belgium Review: Michael Tracy “Still Got Soul”

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Charlotte is a city in the US state of North Carolina. It is the home of rock singer Michael Tracy who started his musical adventure as a soloist at the beginning of 2011 after completing his military service at the Navy. He married and became the father of two children who inspired him to compose own songs for his first album “Enough Small Talk” that appeared on the market at the end of 2011.

In the following years, he founded his own group and began to take care of all kinds of performances in North Carolina and neighboring states. He was in the forefront of George Thorogood and the rock groups ‘Styx’, ‘Foreigner’, ‘Jefferson Starship’ and ‘Bon Jovi’. The logical consequence was therefore a second album “Gonna Smile” released in early 2015.

With artists like Bob Seger, Bryan Adams and Tom Petty as his main source of inspiration and musical example, he steadily developed his solo career, and in early 2016 his third album was released under the title “Love And Worries”. Already almost one and a half years later, album number four is a fact and we can take a closer look at the new album “Still Got Soul”.

The ten songs on this album were composed by Michael Tracy and producer Sahaj Ticotin. It’s mostly rock’n’roll tracks that are fast-to-be-racked, and sometimes in the opening song “Laughter”, “Sweet Smile” and “Shake It”. In order to make everything sound easier, Michael Tracy has always integrated a catchy melody into the songs, such as “My Lisa”, “Savannah Nights” and “Hopeful” or in the rock ballads “Still Got Soul”, “Call Me Wild “,” No More Waiting “and the beautiful” Raven “we add to the live video added in a live performance.

By the end of 2016, especially rocky rock “Poinsettia Red” composed for the final year celebrations, we also get an excellent bonus track gift at the end of this new album by Michael Tracy. The melodious performance and the handsome arrangements that Sahaj Ticotin has added to the songs make for a nice finish and makes this album very enjoyable.


US Review: Michael Tracy “Still Got Soul”

Title – ‘Still Got Soul’
Artist – Michael Tracy
In case you weren’t aware, it was early 2011 when Michael Tracy began his journey as a singer/songwriter, stepping on stage at a local open mic in Charlotte, NC, to nervously perform some songs he had just written.

He had spent his early 20’s in the Navy, stationed on both coasts and traveling to countries throughout the Mediterranean during his time in the military.

The open mic performance awakened something in Tracy and he continued honing his chops that first year, jumping on stages all over Charlotte and jamming with local musicians. Indeed, he went into the studio and recorded his first album, Enough Small Talk, which he released in November 2011.

Over the next two years, Michael put a band together and impressed audiences with his high-energy and soulful performances. Michael then returned to the studio and produced his next album Gonna Smile, which was signed by the indie label Spectra Records and released in February 2015.

After a falling out with his label, Tracy traveled to LA and recorded three songs with Los Angeles producers Bob Marlette (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Alice Cooper) and Sahaj Ticotin (Ra) that would find themselves on his early-2016 release Love And Worries; a short collection of previously unreleased material.

Michael and Sahaj then got together in late 2016 (co-writing an original Holiday tune that Michael had been working on called “Poinsettia Red”) and at the turn of 2017, and having been inspired to start his own independent record label, Tracy’s next full-length album Still Got Soul was born.

1. “Laughter”
2. “My Lisa”
3. “Still Got Soul”
4. “Call Me Wild”
5. “No More Waiting”
6. “Sweet Smile”
7. “Savannah Nights”
8. “Shake It”
9. “Hopeful”
10. “Raven”
11. “Poinsettia Red” – Bonus Track

The album features 11 tracks, inclusive of the aforementioned “Poinsettia Red” and will be released this upcoming November 17th, 2017 via Tracy’s very own label, the TW Music Group.

Listening to it today and wow, it’s like all roads traveled by Tracy, good, bad and ugly, led him to the storytelling section of his life just perfectly. Like a well worn troubadour, his work is of the highest, finest, rawest quality, not one lyric too much, not one sentiment not having been felt by us all at some stage.

His unique sound is rooted in gospel, rhythm & blues, rock, soul, and country, and that all comes through on Still Got Soul. From rockers such as “Laughter”, “Call Me Wild”, and the brilliantly perky “Shake It”, through the Southern nature of “Savannah Nights” and the heartfelt soul of “Still Got Soul”, on into the captivated yearns of “Hopeful”, the album is simply chock full of gems.

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An atavistic look back at the cusp when the better bar bands became arena rockers, Tracy is doing it his way after rubbing elbows with AOR greats and solid southern acts. Heartland/roots to the rocking core, this is fist pumping, young hormonal release music that hit’s the target as squarely as one can when they want to move pop music past something more than beats by committee. Check it out.