Nightwalk/Via Nocturna (Portugal) Review: KARNEY “NO MERCY”

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No Mercy is a combination of new themes with some others already presented and that here gain new clothes from a new remix , or even a complete new recording. According to Anna Karney , the need to change some old themes came from the live experiences and from her own evolution as a creator and an interpreter. Thus, No Mercy , the fifth album of the North American, brings us a good and fresh dose of rock , where the acoustic guitars mark a strong presence. An approach where it is well-known that there is well-developed work in the creation of easy listening themesand, above all, they appeal a lot to the stage. [81%]


  1. No Mercy
  2. Wild Green
  3. Restless Wind
  4. Same Song
  5. I Got Mine
  6. Speed Of A Bullet
  7. Not Lost
  8. Hold On
  9. Beautiful Day
  10. I Got The Light
  11. Manifest Destiny
  12. Nine Lines (In The 21 st Century)


Anna Karney – vocals, guitars and keyboards

Jeff Herrera – drums and percussion

Michael Doyle – Guitars

James DePrato – guitars

Kimon Manolius – bass

Kevin White – bass

Bill Ortiz – trumpet

Paul Hanson – Bassoon

Michael Hajimichael – poem

Karl Perazzo – percussion


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Nightwalk/Via Nocturna (Portugal) Interview: GEORGE ST. CLAIR “BALLADS OF CAPTIVITY AND FREEDOM”

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Hello George, how are you? Ballads Of Freedom And Captitivity shows your side balladeer and country , without diminishing the Mexican influence. How is this blend made in the composition process?

Alive! I’m fine thank you! It’s cold here in London! I am quite comfortable with both Mexican and country influences . When I’m composing, I just put them together in a natural way. Some songs clearly begin in one style or another, so it may just be a process of following the melody or lyrical idea of how it originally came to me. But it may also depend on the mood I’m in at the time.

Some of these songs were already in the 2016 release, Tularosa . How did you get them back? Did you give them a new outfit?

Some were completely recorded, in others I re-designed the bass and the drums to give them a greater feeling of what I intended. In the California sessions I enjoyed some great musicians. In fact, let’s all redo it in the studios in California, but some original songs I did in London still stood out as being the best.

Although currently alive in Europe, this record has lost nothing of American sentiment. Is that because you recorded in the US?

This record is very based on the US Southwest and the Mexican borders and I wanted musicians to bring that authentic sound. California has a lot of great musicians. For example, my producer on this record is also a virtuoso bass player and a true student of American roots and different styles like Latin jazz , salsa and samba . For me, it was very important to trust the musicians to let them do their own thing.

How does a cowboy live in Europe? You been here for how long? Was it an easy adaptation?

I’ve been in London for a decade and I think I like it here! I miss the sun, the desert, the mountains and the open landscape. In reality, you can not lose anywhere in Europe, and this has been the greatest sacrifice for me, to always be in the midst of civilization. But the depth of the history and variety of places built by humans in Europe are endless and fascinating.

Musically, do you incorporate any European influence in your compositions?

Well, I am sure that I am influenced by the tradition of poetry and verses that goes through literature, poetry and British and Spanish music, which I had the opportunity to read and listen to. In particular, the sparse and powerful poetry of flamenco has always moved me, and it is impossible not to feel the wit and wit in British literature. Whatever affects me eventually finds its way to music.

Being a musician who crosses the sound of Texas with Mexican folk , how do you see this idea of Trump wanting to build a wall?

I think the US connection with Mexico is one of our biggest assets. Mexico is truly our sister nation – we share history, land, people and many things. Mexico is a country so rich in so many aspects that its influence also contributes to the United States. It is sad to me that some politically powerful people try to be popular to spread ignorance about this fact.

What videos have you created for this album?

I am now finishing a video for New Mexico ! I’ll post it briefly. The next thing I’ll do is to the song Up To Fail , so stay tuned.

Who is Pedro Páramo that appears in your album?

Pedro Paramo is an infamous character in the homonymous novel of the Mexican author Juan Rulfo. It is a short, powerful and surreal story about a man who exercises his will in an isolated place, by the time of the beginning of the Mexican Revolution. I’m sure it translates well into Portuguese!

Do you have anything planned for the Road for the next time?

I will be touring the USA to do some shows in Austin, Texas. Then I’ll have a couple of dates in London in June. My next step is to organize a tour of Europe to promote the album. I would love to play in Portugal, so I would like to know some good places to do a show.

Thank you so much George, do you want to add something else?

I just want to thank Via Nocturna for playing my music and thanking your listeners in Portugal! It means a lot can bring this music to new people. If your listeners like the record, please download it and let me get your reactions. [In Portuguese – part not edited] In fact I speak Portuguese reasonably well – not so well to compose songs – more sufficient enough to correspond. But if I have the opportunity I would love to spend some time there to remedy my linguistic limitation! A hug and, bye!




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Portugal Review: Jennifer Saran “Wake Up”

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Reviews – August 2017 (I)

Wake Up (Jeniffer Saran)

(2017, Tarpan Records)


Jennifer Saran is a very prolific artist. After her debut with a Christmas album, Merry Christmas You Are Loved (2015), she released Walk With Me in 2016 and already has a new album on the market. Named Wake Up, the Hong Kong-based American singer returns to work with respected Narada Michael Walden to present 15 tracks where she joins versions of her favorite artists ( Patty PageDoris DayBill Withers and George Michael ) to a set of original pop Alternative and contemporary adult music. Highlights for the collaborations of the South African choral group, Ladysmith Black Mambazo and the legendary Carlos Santana. ( 4.7 / 6 )


Via Nocturna Interview: Acting Natural


Interview: Acting Natural

December 06, 2017


Two of the three members of the Acting Natural – Eric Carnevale and Jess Leonard – gathered to talk to Nocturnal about this new project from New York and about the first work – a homonym EP – that has caused so much furore on the other side of the Atlantic.

Live, how are you? Can you present the Natural Acting to the Portuguese rockers ?

We are a rock ‘n’ roll band with three elements, coming from New York. We are formed by Eric on guitar, Jesse on drums and JD on bass. Our music comes from the past while incorporating elements of the present and we could not be happier to be able to present our music to rock fans in Portugal.


What is your musical background ?

We started playing together when we were 12 or 13 years old. At first, we learned our favorite songs, focusing on the music of the 60s and 70s. From there, we started writing and recording our own material, as well as playing live, which is what we prefer to do.

When and why did you decide to move forward with this project?

We started playing just for fun, but we soon realized the potential to take the band one step further and move forward. We all knew that we wanted to live a life in music and the band became the perfect platform to do so. Being a longtime group of friends makes it easy to play and work together.

What names and / or movements do you cite as your main influences?

We love the sound and the production of rock and motown groups of the 60s, like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Stevie Wonder. The rhythms and harmonies of that time are a great influence for us. However, we draw inspiration from almost every decade of music to the present. Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala and Coldplay are some of our most recent favorite names.

Your debut EP is finally out. What is the feeling in the band?

We are thrilled to have this EP in the world and finally have our own music out there. And the response was great – there’s nothing like showing fans the music you’ve worked hard on. We are definitely looking forward to sharing our live energy with everyone, following this release.

The first single , Pairadice , reached # 1 in the Top 5 Most Added . Was it a big surprise for you?

Yes! At least a pleasant surprise. This is a high energy song, so we chose it as the main single from our EP. Seeing our names on the tables, alongside some of the artists we hear regularly, was unreal!

The writing and recording processes took place in the same sessions, right? How was this experience?

Yes, some of the songs were written and recorded in the studio, sometimes even on the same day. There is electricity in the air when you are recording something so new. We were all on fire during these sessions, and definitely this can be heard in the recordings.

What will follow for the Natural Acting?

We will end the year with the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour , performing in some of the largest venues in the USA. In the new year, there will be more tours and live performances as well as lots of new music. We’re all excited about what’s on the horizon for us as a band.

Thank you. Do you want to add anything else?

We want to thank everyone at Nightlife for your time and also to thank all those who have supported us in Portugal so far! We look forward to the day when we will play there and go out with you.



Portugese Review: Acting Natural “Acting Natural”


Translated from Via Nocturna:

Album | Acting Natural

Artist | Acting Natural

About Us | Independent

Year | 2017

Home | USA

Contact Us | Pop-Rock, 60’s Rock, Alternative Rock

Classification | 5.2 / 6

Highlights | The One, Pairadice, Missed The Train

For fans of | The Beatles, James, Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Spencer Day


Premiere work, in EP format, of the original trio from Tampa, Florida baptized as Acting Natural .Six songs of great musicality, melody and vocal work, with a sound that recovers the simplicity and clarity of composition of The Beatles projecting it to a more golden aurea. The band acts naturally and creates a unique, organic and coherent sound led by a creative bass and where guitar solos, although little present, when they arise is imposed by its quality.


  1. The One
  2. Nicole
  3. Pairadice
  4. Bloom
  5. Early Morning
  6. Missed The Train

Line up

Eric Carnevale – vocals, guitars, piano, organ, percussion

James David Maney – Bass, vocals

Jesse Leonard – drums, vocals



Via Nocturna Review: Jennifer Saran “Wake Up” (translated)


Jennifer Saran is a very prolific artist. After her debut with a Christmas album, Merry Christmas You Are Loved (2015), she released Walk With Me in 2016 and already has a new album on the market. Named Wake Up, the Hong Kong-based American singer returns to work with respected Narada Michael Walden to present 15 tracks where she joins versions of her favorite artists (Patty Page , Doris Day , Bill Withers and George Michael) to a set of original pop Alternative and contemporary adult music. Highlights for the collaborations are with the South African choral group, Ladysmith Black Mambazo and the legendary Carlos Santana.

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Via Nocturna Review: Indubious “From Zero” (translated)

From Zero Cover_Low Rez

“With a remarkable instrumental performance, interesting harmonies and a lot of stage presence, Indubious, a band consisting of brothers Evton and Skip, based in Southern Oregon, are currently one of the most referenced names in modern reggae. After two released albums, which includes the widely acclaimed Wake The LionFrom Zero, is their latest work and features a number of renowned guests. From Zero is a conscious mix of dancehall and roots reggae with top production, with editing run by its own publisher.”

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