In business for 15 years, Independent Distribution Collective is a marketing and distribution company based in San Francisco.


IDC offers customized MARKETING CAMPAIGNS together with a wide-reaching DIGITAL AND PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION channel, helping to increase awareness and demand for independent music releases.


To receive a FREE CUSTOMIZED IDC MARKETING PROPOSAL for your project, including a detailed cost breakdown based on the size and scope of the effort, please let us know some general information by filling out our IDC REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI) FORM.



How It Works:


IDC allows our clients to better capitalize on their releases by assembling and managing a hand-picked Team that works together to promote a project to every possible outlet simultaneously, while also guiding the product to market and ensuring the release is widely available through Digital and Physical retail outlets.


IDC maintains long-standing business relationships with an assortment of Retailers, Publicists, Radio promoters, Web & Social Media experts, Graphic Designers, and various other industry professionals.


IDC Promo campaigns can be targeted around Single, EP, and Full-Length music releases (as well as Products or General Brand Building).


IDC Promo was built to be a flexible service and every campaign is specifically customized to each project. Campaigns are based on hiring a Team of industry professionals to work for various lengths of time, which affects pricing.



IDC also offers Consultation and Music Licensing services. For more information, please call (415) 292-7007.

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