Independent Distribution Collective is a music distribution and marketing company based in San Francisco that offers physical and digital distribution, marketing and promotion, artist development services, and music licensing.

In business for almost ten years, IDC has made a name for itself by helping independents to play on the same field as major label artists, without having to adhere to major label budgets. We provide a framework to help indie artists gain a foothold in an industry that increasingly rewards the efforts of those who are willing to build and maintain their own careers, whether they are already successful or still developing.


Physical Distribution

IDC has direct relationships with multiple one-stop distributors that solicit our catalog to virtually all major U.S. retailers. These include AEC, Super D, and Baker & Taylor, as well as niche distributors such as Fat Beats, UGHH, Ernie B’s Reggae, and VP Records. Our distribution scope is not limited to the U.S. alone, as IDC releases are marketed to Fontana North in Canada and Code 7 in the UK.

IDC also has direct relationships with approximately 400 independent stores across the country including Rasputin, Amoeba, Waterloo, Independent Records, Music Millennium, Silver Platters, and many more. By joining IDC’s catalog your product can be made available to all of these outlets, fulfilling demand for your product by fans.

The first step toward working with IDC as a physical distribution client is to send a physical copy of your retail-ready, full-length CD (with shrink-wrap and UPC Code – no MP3s) to the address below. Please include your contact information as we receive many submissions. Feel free to include any additional information (press kit, reviews, etc.) you wish us to see, but the only required item is the retail-ready CD. If accepted, IDC will send a copy of our US distribution agreement for your consideration, the terms of which are summarized below.
$99.00 + 25 inventory units + about 40 promotional units = A physical distribution channel AND a national retail marketing campaign promoting your new album to store buyers representing thousands of retail outlets!

Following this up front investment, artists will earn $5.00-$6.00 per unit on full-length CDs for each completed sale that IDC is able to secure. IDC retains all profits from the first 25 completed sales, and up to $1.50 for each completed sale thereafter, with all remaining profits going to the label/artist.
IDC will use about 40 promotional units to market to store buyers representing over 10,000 stores across the country in customized packages (check the IDC website for a list of specific retail accounts). Once the retail-buyers receive their packages, IDC will follow up and push for placement of the title into their respective store chains, allowing artists to point fans to these outlets to purchase their releases. Once a title is included in our catalog, it is continually marketed to our entire store base for as long as the title remains with IDC.
The $99.00 fee and first 25 sales are used to help IDC offset the initial costs of the marketing push, including but not limited to printing, assembly, and shipping of promotional packages.

Submissions can be sent to:
Independent Distribution Collective
2001 Van Ness Ave – Ste 411
San Francisco, CA 94109


Digital Distribution

IDCDigital is a division of IDC that offers customized Digital Distribution and Management for labels, artists, filmmakers, and other media content providers. Our services help artists to maximize their exposure and global availability, providing more opportunities for artists to sell and promote their content in an increasingly diverse internet landscape.

There are no up front fees to join the IDCDigital catalog. In exchange for a small percentage of royalties, IDCDigital will administer distribution, sales, and base-level marketing of your release to hundreds of digital retail platforms. For additional fees these services can all be enhanced.

IDCDigital has strong marketing relationships with top-tier digital music services and distribution outlets including:

iTunes – Beatport – Amazon – GooglePlay – Pandora – Rdio – Spotify – YouTube – AT&T Wireless – Bandcamp – SoundCloud – and many more…

Recent successes for IDCDigital include multiple Front-page and Genre-page featured placements the week of release on iTunes, Beatport, GooglePlay, and more.

Our goal is not to build the largest digital catalog in the world, but rather to nurture personal relationships with our clients and provide them with the opportunity to earn as much revenue as possible, coupled with high-quality and efficient service. In addition, we want our clients to learn and understand as many aspects about the digital distribution process as possible.

IDCDigital provides an unparalleled service through which independent artists can develop their presence in the digital music universe.

For questions about our digital distribution services please e-mail Jerome Forney, Manager of IDCDigital Operations, at jerome@independentdistro.com.


Marketing & Promotion

IDCPromo is a service that creates a customized, full-scale marketing campaign to increase awareness and demand for releases from independent artists. IDC tailors marketing campaigns to specifically meet an artist’s needs and budget, assembling and managing a team of music industry professionals that will work together to best promote a given project in every possible outlet, allowing artists to better capitalize on their release through touring and sales.
IDCPromo campaigns cover the following areas:

Project Management: IDCPromo campaigns utilize music industry professional contractors, each of whom brings their own expertise and established credibility to every project. IDC will provide a Project Manager who facilitates communication between the contractors and the client using cutting edge project management software, and will ensure that all aspects of the campaign are executed according the client’s wishes.

PR/Media Campaigns: The cornerstone of any marketing plan is publicity and online marketing. IDC’s marketing team builds a cost-effective, targeted campaign that generates tangible results. Campaigns include the creation and distribution of the initial press release to worldwide media outlets, assembly and delivery of 100-150 customized promotional packages with personalized follow up, and detailed reporting on media activities during the course of the campaign.

Digital Retail Marketing: Targeted Business-to-Business marketing of your project to all of the 400 services IDCDigital currently distributes to. This includes development of a project’s digital assets including discovery sites, direct-to-fan retail sites, and online sales channels. Recent successes for IDCDigital include multiple Front-page and Genre-page featured placements the week of release on iTunes, Beatport, GooglePlay, and more.

Radio Promotion: Delivery of 150-200 promotional packages to a variety of radio formats including College, Triple A, and Community specialty programs, with personalized follow up and detailed reporting on radio play during the course of the campaign.

Online/Web Marketing: This state of the art service begins with an assessment of a client’s current social media presence, as well as setup and enhancement of various profile pages, and development of your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). An intensive fan-building campaign will be organized around the creation of a content strategy and social media posting calendar, with various scheduled postings throughout the campaign.

Physical Retail Marketing: IDC’s Physical Retail channel makes products available to virtually all major and independent U.S. retailers. Our personal relationships with store buyers help with scheduling in-store appearances and performances, end-cap displays, listening stations, and stock checks. Any IDCPromo campaign successes are communicated directly to retailers in target regions.

For more information and pricing on IDCPromo campaigns or to discuss the marketing needs of your release, please call (415) 292-7007.


Music Licensing

IDCLicensing is an exciting division of IDC that provides independent artists a channel through which their music can be submitted to music supervisors for placement consideration in TV, Film, and Video Games. Music from our catalog has been licensed to Universal Pictures, DreamWorks Animation SKG, Electronic Arts, Oprah, Fuel TV, NBC Universal’s Oxygen Network, E! Entertainment, MTV, FOX Sports, and the USA Network.

IDCLicensing’s agreement is non-exclusive. There are no up-front fees to have your music included in the catalog and submitted to music supervisors.

Artists keep 100% of the songwriter’s and publisher’s royalties received from Performance Rights Organizations such as ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC. IDC retains only 50% of the synchronization and master use fees from content placed by IDCLicensing. IDC does not retain any ownership of copyrights or publishing.

IDCLicensing is always looking for more music in all genres for licensing consideration. To find out more about submission requirements, please send an e-mail to licensing@independentdistro.com.

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  1. kutre December 8, 2011 at 10:39 pm #

    Great blog there IDC.
    What a fantastic company for artists that don’t need a major label.
    Sign me up!


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