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Belgium Review: INDUBIOUS “BELEAF”

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Translated to English:


“Indubious” is the group name for a trio of musicians from Bend, a town with around 50,000 residents in the US state of Oregon. Singer, bassist and guitarist Spencer Burton plays together with his brother, singer and keyboard player Evan Burton and drummer Corey Foster a music genre that can be described as psychedelic electronic rock with an emphasis on roots and reggae. How that sounds exactly can perhaps best be illustrated with the video added to this review of the song “Fabric Of Creation”, the first single from their recently released album “Beleaf”.

The two brothers were both born with hereditary cystic fibrosis disease, causing lungs, pancreas and liver to function poorly. The life expectancy for someone with that disease is on average around 18 years. But Evton Foster received a double lung transplant in 2011 so that he could be declared completely healed.

It is their positive attitude and their firm belief in healing and / or survival that has kept the brothers alive much longer than expected. Faith, hope and love are the building blocks for their conviction and they express that attitude especially in their music, such as on the previously released albums “Fresh Leaves” from 2008, “Cosmic Seeds” from 2009, “Wake The Lion” from 2013 and “From Zero” from 2017. Evan and Corey are both multi-instrumentalists and how well they can prove that they are already on their fifth album “Beleaf” on which they have played all the instruments that can be heard in the fourteen tracks.

Yet they have asked for some extra help for the recording of this new album, mainly guest vocalists. For example, Jackson Wetherbee from the formation “The Elovaters” sings the song “One By One”, Michael Leslie provides vocals with the song “Arrow” and Drew McManus from the formation “Satsang” sings the lead vocals with the song “Good Ol ‘Days ” All the remaining roots reggae songs on “Beleaf” were sung by Evan or Spencer himself and Evan Burton also acted as album producer.

As if they have decided to start all over again from the beginning, they put the energetic power song “Here We Come” at the front of the track list of this album. The inspiring positivism that ‘Indubious’ wants to radiate in their songs is once again dominating some of the songs on this album, such as in “Do The Best You Can”, “Blessings Run”, “Strong End” and “Shuffle The Deck”, in addition to the three songs with guest vocalists mentioned above. We wish “Indubious” (freely translated as “unsuspected”) all the best for the future and we hope that the trio will still be able to release a lot of albums, because the need for positivism in today’s world is enormous.



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BAYONICS “RESILIENCE” – Big Blend Radio Interview Podcast & Magazine Feature


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Listen to the interview here:


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Smoky Nights by Jennifer Saran

A great first review for Jennifer Saran’s Smoky Nights EP out 9/20/19

Oasis Entertainment

For my 1348th review, I am honored that I got the opportunity to take a listen the EP Smoky Nights by Jennifer Saran, an North American alt-pop/adult contemporary artist, songwriter, and vocalist based in Hong Kong.   This five-track EP is scheduled for release September 20, 2019, on the Tarpan Records label and is my fourth review for this amazing artist, my last one was in November 2017 when I wrote my 598th review for the album Soulful Christmas.  This new release is her first jazz album and she again is working with multiple Grammy and Emmy award winner Narada Michael Walden and features the tracks the title song Smoky Nights, The Love Is Now Gone, Let the Waves Wash Over Me, Don’t Forget My Name, and Get Over Yourself.  Jennifer demonstrates her growth as a singer and as a songwriter on…

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STIMULI Newsletter Summer 2019

The new STIMULI ‘Ripple’ official music video has just been released!
Check it out here!

Hello from STIMULI HQ!

STIMULI recently wrapped up production of the official music video for the song ‘Ripple’ from the band’s debut album. Our friends at SoundwavesTV have just exclusively premiered the video on their new episode – watch it at the link above!

The video features a surreal, dreamscape concept loosely based around the song’s subject matter. The band had a great time creating it and are excited for you to see it!

Turn it up the volume, watch, re-watch, share with your friends and enjoy!

In live music news, Friday August 30th STIMULI played Bottom Of The Hill, our favorite San Francisco venue! The lineup at this legendary rock & roll club also featured awesome Bay Area bands Stalin & Isles.

Follow @stimuliband on all social media and visit where you can also stream or purchase a copy of the album ‘They Are We.

Share STIMULI with a friend and bring them out to the next show. We look forward to seeing you there 🙂

…and thanks for supporting STIMULI and original rock bands here in California or where ever you call home.

We appreciate you,
– Tai, Jimmy & Cole





Copyright © 2019 STIMULI All rights reserved


DR CHRISPY, Renowned Australian Space Scientist, Aerospace Engineer, and Music Producer to Release the New Single “DRIVE”

Dr Chrispy - Drive - Cover 3000x3000

For Immediate Release – San Francisco, CA – DR CHRISPY (aka Dr. Chris Boshuizen) is an award-winning aeronautical engineer, music producer, and songwriter who has spent the last 16 years tragically torn between two loves: Music and Space Exploration. His new single “DRIVE” will release online everywhere music is streamed and sold on August 30, 2019. With a high-tempo driving beat and a catchy instrumental hook, the single really captures the sensation of being behind the wheel and just driving. The soaring chorus in “DRIVE” brings to mind the feeling of being out on the open road, far away from life’s small problems. “Sometimes we just need to get away from it all,” says DR CHRISPY, and he captures that sentiment perfectly on this new track.

DR CHRISPY runs his home studio in San Francisco where he is actively writing and recording new music. DR CHRISPY’s first full-length album VHS released in 2018 and was widely praised by national and international reviewers. A collection of mostly instrumental tracks, Chris began writing VHS in 2003 while traveling as an aerospace engineer. The tracks were written all around the world and capture the vibe of each place and moment in time.

Exclusive Magazine calls VHS, “a wonderfully ambient, bouncy, fun, even thoughtful at times collection of instrumental tracks,” while says, “Whether you’re out clubbing or at home trying to get things done, these nifty little rhythmic creations will likely be just what the doctor ordered to get things going.” VHS plays like an auditory travel diary, inviting you along to hear and experience the evolution from Dr. Chris Boshuizen, Space Scientist, to DR CHRISPY, the Artist.

DR CHRISPY released his next single “Voyager at the Heliopause” in June 2019. The track is a tribute to the NASA Voyager spacecraft, which launched in 1977 and has since returned stunning images from the solar system, inspiring Chris to pursue his passion for space. Accompanied by a music video featuring historically accurate animated recreations of those classic images, “Voyager at the Heliopause” is a soothing and ambient electro space jazz track.

Having worked at NASA for almost five years inventing new kinds of spacecraft, Chris went on to cofound the company Planet Labs, which launched and monitors over 200 spacecraft that create a daily map of the global environment. During all this, Chris spent nearly every spare moment writing music on the one instrument he always had with him: his laptop. Much of his music was written at airports or on planes, and over a 16-year period he has amassed an impressive catalog of material with over 300 tracks.

Wanting to get some of his music out to the world, Chris decided to pursue his art full-time, adopting the nickname “Chrispy” that was given to him by his NASA co-workers. Unlike other notable “doctors” in the music industry, DR CHRISPY has a PhD in Physics, and in 2014 he won the Advance Global Award for being the Greatest Australian Not Living in Australia. After completing his PhD in Physics at the University of Sydney he found a position at NASA Ames Research Center in Northern California, one of NASA’s 10 centers around the US. There Chris worked on several fascinating projects, including a lunar lander, an electric airplane, and he also co-invented the world’s smallest satellite called PhoneSat.

With the success of PhoneSat, Chris and his friends were emboldened to try something ambitious, so they left NASA to start Planet Labs. Today Planet Labs has launched over 200 satellites that were designed under Chris’s leadership. Leveraging his years of experience with computer music, Chris has taught the introductory workshop on electronic music production at the last two annual Taxi Road Rallies in Los Angeles.

Chris has no regrets about pursuing his space career, but always felt music would one day become his focus. With a lifetime of music production experience and a lower-stress job that afforded him a bit more free time, he assumed his alter-ego as DR CHRISPY and suddenly entered a prolific phase of writing with the feeling he now had something to say. DR CHRISPY’s goal as an artist is to connect music and tech while bringing a message of hope and empowerment to his audience.

In 2016, DR CHRISPY began creating lyrical songs in addition to his instrumental music. This material will be released on his next album project. Chris still hopes one day to take himself beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, and feels he still has the passion to start another space company one day. You can catch more of Chris’s space and technology thoughts on his personal twitter account at


“DRIVE” will release online everywhere music is streamed and sold on August 30, 2019.


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