Dr Chrispy – VHS Album Release Party – TONIGHT – September 20, 8:00pm at Asiento in SF

20 Sep



Dr Chrispy (AKA Dr. Chris Boshuizen) is an award-winning aeronautical engineer, music producer, and songwriter who has spent the last 15 years tragically torn between two loves: Music and Space Exploration

Come and hear Dr Chrispy’s new album ‘VHS’ in person at Asiento on Thursday 20th September. Meet Chris and some of the contributing artists, and listen to the full album on a full sound system.

Asiento has a full bar and kitchen and drinks and food are available for purchase. The food is excellent and highly recommended. Entry to the event is free.



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For more information about DR CHRISPY please visit: http://drchrispy.com/


To order VHS on digital services please visit: http://smarturl.it/DrChrispyVHS


To order VHS on Bandcamp please visit: https://drchrispy.bandcamp.com/album/vhs


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20 Sep

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19 Sep

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For more information or to Order the WHERE THE RAIN FALLS EP, please visit KIMIA PENTON’s website and social media pages via: https://kimiapmusic.com/


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18 Sep


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In April 2018, the band generated buzz when they released their debut single and music video for the album’s title track, ‘They Are We.’ The single knocks out a Hard Rock, radio-friendly sound that also exposes the introspective themes of understanding and empathy that permeates their new album.

Coming over as a cross between old school STP and a passionately raw Soundgarden, Stimuli have, and without a shadow of a doubt, come together to bring forth one of the best albums of 2018.

Not only do Stimuli masterfully rock the traditional power trio format, the band also incorporates synth atmospherics and eclectic instrumentation that is not often associated with contemporary Hard Rock.

I mean, aside from Tai Hake being a master of the bass, he also plays Theremin, which is one of the most intricate and hardest instruments to perform. If you are not aware, the Theremin is an electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact by the thereminist (performer) and here, well, let’s just say that Hake is a master at it.

With a common thread throughout the album inclusive of moments of Native American flute, sitar, acoustic guitar and ambient synthesizers, lyrically, Stimuli’s themes possess a rare depth – insightful and meaningful, ruminating on personal experiences and reflections about peace, empathy, destiny, and self-actualization.

“Our music contains a strong emotional intensity with personal, social, and philosophical messages about the human experience,” explains guitarist/vocalist Jimmy Tomahawk. “Although there is an undeniably serious disposition in the band’s message, as individuals, we don’t take ourselves very seriously at all – satire, slapstick humor and wisecracks are the norm when we are together.”

“It’s a bit of a collective Jekyll & Hyde scenario, really. We try to remind ourselves that the initial spark of passion and the joy of playing music that caused us to pick up our instruments in the first place is why we do this!”

Recorded at Russian River Studios in Talmage, CA, all eleven songs were written by Jimmy Tomahawk and Cole Andrew, the album was produced by Jimmy Tomahawk, and it was engineered and mixed by Andrew Miller and Jimmy Tomahawk.

‘They Are We’ – Official Music Video

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For more information or to Order THEY ARE WE, please visit STIMULI’s website and social media pages via: www.stimuliband.com or https://stimuli.bandcamp.com/


To Order THEY ARE WE on digital services please visit: http://smarturl.it/STIMULItheyarewe





SoulandJazzandFunk.com Review: CORNELL “CC” CARTER “ONE LOVE”

17 Sep

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Like many contemporary soul singers California-born Cornell Carter seems to get more love and respect from the UK and European soul fraternity than he does in his homeland. In the States, CC is known as a top session singer – he’s graced records and live performances with people like Ray Charles, James Brown, The Whispers, The Temptations, Natalie Cole, Kool and the Gang and most recently Narada Michael Walden. A few years back he decided the time was right to go his own solo route and two albums (‘In The Moment’ and ‘Vindicated Soul’) and a slew of fine singles seemed to justify his decision. The albums and the singles (especially in their various remixes) did moderately well Stateside but in the UK and Europe they topped all the credible soul charts. Little wonder, then, that this – Cornell’s newest collection has been one of the most eagerly anticipated sets of the year. Two mighty fine singles from the album cranked up the expectation. First there was ‘That Feelin” – a classic and chart-topping modern soul groove; then came ‘That’s My Baby’ – another mini masterpiece. Both tunes, by the way, were produced by Soulpersonna (Morgan Howell) and served as tasty hors d’oeuvres for the album.

Those two songs sit centrepiece on the 12 track LP that is ‘One Love’ but the good news is that there are plenty more cuts to rival those new classics. Be assured ‘One Love’ is no one trick pony (or in this case “two trick”!)

For the rug cutters there’s plenty to please….’Winners’, ‘Relax’ and the two mixes of ‘Something Like’ will fill any modern soul room floor. Ditto the pacier ‘Badeyah’ – a treat for the soulful house crew too, this one.

Fancy some down time…. try the gentle ‘Free’ and the soporific ‘Maybe’, while in between tempos there are the lovely ‘Life’ and the homage to Bob Marley that is the LP’s title cut.

In truth, ‘One Love’ is crammed with great, proper, “old fashioned” soul songs and CC’s time in the studio working with some of the biz’s biggest names has taught him a lot about presentation and production; then, of course, there’s THAT voice – a beautiful instrument (don’t take my word…. why would all those big names have used him?) that delivers every time.

This album opens with a concise spoken intro/tribute from BBC radio presenter John Leech. He opines that that CC Carter has “raised the bar” for modern soul with his “textured music” that “cascades and flows beautifully“. Bob on Mr Leech! We agree! We’re also confident that he’ll agree that ‘One Love’ is one of 2018’s very best and as the year draws on, few will albums will match it.

For more info on Cornell and this album go to out interview section!

(BB) 5/5



For more information about ONE LOVE or upcoming tour dates, please visit CC’s website and social media pages via:  www.cc2000music.com or https://cc2000music.bandcamp.com/


To Order ONE LOVE on digital services please visit:  http://smarturl.it/CConelove





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17 Sep

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14 Sep

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