AOEDE aka Lisa Sniderman’s The Grieving Project: Healing Art When the Nation Needs It

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Lisa Sniderman has created the Grieving Project, a roadmap to our hearts, for a nation with a chronic disease, Covid.

Lisa Sniderman, known as Aoede for her music, has spent 12 years with a chronic disease, dermotomyositus.  Those 12 years her life has been filled with tests, hospitalizations, infusions, helplessness, pain.  But it has also been filled with songwriting, performing, recording, video production, and helping others.  It has been filled with so much activity that she realized she had kept so busy she had forgotten to grieve and it was taking its toll. So, she set about to create a way to remember to grieve for herself and the thousands of others whose lives have been upended and mangled by sickness. 

She created the Grieving Project,  a roadmap to our hearts.

The National Health Council estimates that 157 million Americans live with a chronic disease- about 45% of the population, with an estimated 81 million suffering from multiple afflictions.  When we think of grieving, we think of people who have lost loved ones; those with chronic disease have lost someone they dearly loved -themselves. 

Sniderman/Aoede captures this loss and charts a way through life for  people who are stuck in grief, or like her, forgot to grieve and are stuck without knowing it.  And she does it with grace and beauty and sensitivity born of decades of producing award-winning music, stories, videos and live projects.

The Grieving Project is a sprawling spoken word and music audiobook based on four characters who move themselves and the listener through the 14 stages of grief, from Denial to Thrive. It is accompanied by a digital book of lyrics, and works perfectly with supporting videos – some new to the project, some part of Aoede’s music career.

To accomplish this, Sniderman/Aoede assembled a creative and production team of over 25 people, some with chronic diseases or who work with people with chronic diseases, to write, score, produce and illustrate 22 chapters of spoken word narrative illuminated with music.

As a piece of creative work, it is unparalleled. Sniderman/Aoede developed four different characters with  four different chronic disease experiences who are navigating their lives, their loss, their heartbreak, their self-discovery throughout the Project. Illustrated magnificently by Jasmine Raskas, and voiced by Sniderman, Rachel Fulginiti, Lauren Freedman, David Francisco and David Sands, it is an impressive and thoroughly professional work of audio craft and visual art. And now that the Covid pandemic has happened, the journeys this team chronicles are relevant to all of us because, even if we ourselves are not  suffering with a chronic disease,  our nation is.

Each chapter unfolds a step in one of the four characters’ journey through grief.  That trip is not linear; it is more like a roller coaster with twists and turns, advances and reversals, pain and exhilaration, feelings and reactions.  The spoken word chapters take us through these journeys with words, narrative and sound, all carefully and precisely molded to build the characters and reflect the stage of the journey they are in.  In short, they take us through life, as only music and story can do.

To the question, “why take on a challenge of this magnitude just to remember to grieve -why not just stay with the status quo and not have to suffer grief at all?”, Sniderman/Aoede answers in the Grieving Project’s Epilogue:

What can you do when you struggle with an illness or disability that doesn’t go away?  You can deny it, You can suffer from and live in fear of it.  You can scream at it….You can come to terms with it.. You can grieve.  And perhaps if you grieve, you can awaken…shine and thrive, not only despite, but because of it.

With 220,000 people in the US now grieving for those they have lost to Covid, and many more for the jobs and livelihoods and homes and families that are gone because of the nation’s economic collapse, there is a national need for the roadmap to the heart that Sniderman/Aoede has produced. A spoken word and music audiobook is a perfect way to deliver that map to the minds and hearts of almost half of all Americans who need it.   Not only does Sniderman/Aoede deserve a music award for her creativity, but she deserves a humanitarian award for turning her creativity into a pathway to thriving for the nation in a time of grief.

Patrick O’Heffernan

SF Music Scene Fixture EVAN WARDELL Releases His Debut Solo Full-Length Album IN LIKE A LION // OUT LIKE A LIGHT

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For Immediate Release – San Francisco, CA – An export from the island of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, EVAN WARDELL is a musician, producer, and audio engineer now based in San Francisco. Written, performed, produced, recorded, and mixed entirely by EVAN WARDELL (he even created the cover art), the new album IN LIKE A LION // OUT LIKE A LIGHT is a hook-laden indie rock masterpiece that illustrates the pain of addiction, heartbreak, and the all too common struggle just to get out of bed in the morning. Made available online everywhere music is streamed and sold on October 30, 2020, IN LIKE A LION // OUT LIKE A LIGHT is the debut solo full-length album from EVAN WARDELL.

EVAN WARDELL moved to San Francisco in 2009 to study audio engineering and immerse himself in city life. Since then he has gone from recording in his bedroom to becoming the musical manager at Pianofight (the coolest indie venue in San Francisco), engineering at the historic and renowned Hyde Street Studios, and mixing front of house for audiences of hundreds of people. IN LIKE A LION // OUT LIKE A LIGHT represents at least seven years of songwriting and recording, and as a result offers a chronicle of how EVAN WARDELL has changed over that time as a person, as a songwriter, and even as an audio engineer. Evan says, “To me the album feels like the culmination of everything I’ve ever learned, and the beginning of something bigger and better.”

EVAN WARDELL produced, recorded, and mixed IN LIKE A LION // OUT LIKE A LIGHT entirely by himself, and offers these services to other artists and producers as well. With flexible rates, a home studio, a small demo studio, and access to Hyde Street Studios, he has the rates and environment to fit your recording needs! For more information please contact

Evan was born and raised on a small rural island off the coast of Massachusetts where he learned how to play music. From the very beginning he wanted to write and record his own material, and everything he does musically has this entrepreneurial drive at its core. He’s played in a few different bands over the years, all the while developing his own voice and engineering abilities. His music blends vitriolic passion with meandering psychedelia into a soup of hook laden indie rock. Throughout 2020 he has been keeping busy, already at work in the studio again and recording some new songs. EVAN WARDELL also does sound design for theater, and as a composer is currently scoring a film, a videogame, and even a dance video.

A fixture in the San Francisco music scene, you can find EVAN WARDELL rocking out with the psychedelic Western outfit The Green Door (new album Wolf In The Fold out now!), or in normal times playing his saddest tunes for his bi-weekly live show Sadurday Happy Hour at Pianofight, the city’s coolest hub for performing artists, where he also acts as Musical Technical Manager. EVAN WARDELL was also a member of the SF band Biv and the Mnemonics, whose album The Pace was released to critical acclaim in 2013.

IN LIKE A LION // OUT LIKE A LIGHT is made available online everywhere music is streamed and sold October 30, 2020.

To order IN LIKE A LION // OUT LIKE A LIGHT on digital services please visit:

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We had a blast producing The Mid-Summer Fog: A Virtual Music Festival with our friends over at Digital Lamb Productions. Thanks to Gabriel Lamb for making this awesome recap video!:

A huge thank you goes out to all the bands that played, the fans that tuned it, and everybody who helped turn this virtual festival a reality!

If you missed the festival live, or want to relive the show again, you can tune in anytime at


Poster designed by George Panagakos @525media

THE MID-SUMMER FOG VIRTUAL MUSIC FESTIVAL streamed live from around the world at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST SATURDAY, JULY 18, 2020.

Watch the festival LIVE at:

View the official Facebook Event Page at:

Listen to a playlist of the performing artists on Spotify at:

As we all continue to adjust to life with the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, IDC and DLP are excited to showcase the amazing independent talent on the IDC roster of artists with their first ever streaming music festival! Featuring performances by ROCKER T, INDUBIOUS, HAJI MIKE, THE WALK-A-BOUT, CORNELL “CC” CARTER, ANNA KARNEY, MARK DUDA, CHRIS PECK, AMANDA ABIZAID, and BEN LANG, together with some very special guests, THE MID-SUMMER FOG VIRTUAL MUSIC FESTIVAL will stream live from around the world at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST SATURDAY, JULY 18, 2020. Tune in LIVE at

THE MID-SUMMER FOG VIRTUAL MUSIC FESTIVAL is a free online streaming event. Viewers will be able to contribute directly to the performing artists throughout the festival, many of whom will be present and interacting with fans online before and after their performances. IDC works with a deep pool of groundbreaking artists, and THE MID-SUMMER FOG VIRTUAL FESTIVAL will be the first of many planned performances in the future.

In business for over 15 years, INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTION COLLECTIVE (IDC) is a marketing and distribution company based in San Francisco. IDC offers customized marketing campaigns together with wide-reaching digital and physical distribution channels. By assembling and managing a Team of industry professionals who work together to promote a project to every possible outlet simultaneously, together with their robust distribution network that provides CDs, Vinyl, DVDs, and other products to thousands of retailers worldwide and hundreds of digital streaming platforms, IDC helps clients establish and grow their careers in the modern era.

IDC is excited to announce the launch of their recently redesigned official website! For more information and additional details about IDC’s services and releases, please visit them at

DIGITAL LAMB PRODUCTIONS (DLP) is a video production company that prides in delivering premium video production & marketing, LIVE streams & event coverage, as well as training & consultation. DLP helps companies and brands define their image, discover their message, and reach their community. Having worked as a video producer for over a decade, Detroit native Gabriel Lamb created DLP and opened its doors for business in San Francisco, CA.

Past DIGITAL LAMB PRODUCTIONS clients include Live Fit Gym; Gap Inc.; David Rio SF; Oakland Museum of California; SLINK Jeans; Real Money; Opie and Dixie; AccountingSuite; In Presence; Hot Mountain Dips; Dusty Green Bones Band; Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence; Academy of Art University; YMCA; Independent Distribution Collective; Oliso Inc.; Tomorrow Partners; Visualize This; Miller’s East Coast Deli; Victor Little Music; 13th Generation; and Super Sweet Records. For more information, please visit

THE MID-SUMMER FOG VIRTUAL MUSIC FESTIVAL streamed live from around the world at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST SATURDAY, JULY 18, 2020.

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Video by Gabriel Lamb at Digital Lamb Productions

Watch the Video for “SO SPECIAL” by ROJAI ft. G. Vargas – From the ABC RECORDS Album Compilation “5 YEARS OF MODERN FUNK” – Premiered on!

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Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 1.06.06 PM

AUSTIN BOOGIE CREW RECORDS (ABC) is an independent music label specializing in modern funk, a slightly underground genre that shares its DNA with a lot of big artists like Anderson .Paak, Bruno Mars, and Tuxedo. Founded in Texas in 2014, ABC RECORDS is on a mission to showcase the breadth of new music inspired by 1980’s boogie, the synth-heavy sound that has remained influential since its inception, and has reemerged in a big way over the last decade.

The artists highlighted on the ABC roster are known for their ability to intertwine classic funk sounds with a myriad of other genres, including R&B, electronic, hip-hop, and even indie. A new compilation CD showcasing the diverse talents of the ABC RECORDS crew, 5 YEARS OF MODERN FUNK, released on March 27, 2020. The CD is an impressive collection of amazing artists that bridge generations, from modern funk heavy hitters like XL Middleton, to legends of the first boogie wave such as B & The Family (whose front man Brian Morgan played guitar on “Rappers Delight” back in ‘79).

Since their official launch, ABC RECORDS has branched out across states and countries to create a diverse catalog of artists from Sweden, Canada, New Orleans, California, New Jersey, and of course Texas. They have released 15 projects from 14 different artists from around the world, and have moved 7,500 Vinyl records in the process.

The 5 YEARS OF MODERN FUNK compilation will appeal to fans of modern funk and electronic beats alike, and in addition to XL Middleton and B & The Family features tracks from an array of artists with their own distinct vibe including Diamond OrtizSolar ShieldRojaiTrailer LimonStarship ConnectionLowmacComputa GamesMoniqueaJonny Tobin, and Spence. Previously these tracks were all released separately; this is the first chance to get a great sampling of the ABC RECORDS catalog in physical form with this limited CD run.

Get familiar with the ABC sound!

For more information or to order 5 YEARS OF MODERN FUNK from Bandcamp please visit:


Check out RANDY VALENTINE – Happiness Station (Organic Video)


Countryman in London Randy Valentine drops an organic vibes video for modern-day classic “Happiness Station” from his 2017 project New Narrative and soon to be released Riddim Album. It comes in a timely manner as the whole world could all use some upliftment.

Produced by Royal Order Music / King I-Vier Music X Loud City Music

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For Immediate Release – Las Vegas, NV – Serving as ambassadors of good vibes and good music, BONAFIDE BAND has taken the world by storm. Located in Las Vegas, NV, by way of Montego Bay, Jamaica, BONAFIDE has hypnotized their fan base with great rhythms infused with sultry base lines and coupled with the smooth and soothing vocals of Jr. Rootz gracing each track. Eager to share their voice in the Conversation about what is going on in the world right now, the BONAFIDE BAND together with DAMIAN “JR. GONG” MARLEY are proud to present the new single “START AND STOP,” made available everywhere music is streamed and sold September 4, 2020.

“The world needs LOVE right now,” says the BONAFIDE BAND, “and we want to be a part of that Conversation with our music. We come from a place where music always means something, so if we just do music with no footprint, it’s a waste of time. And if we just do music to make money, it’s a waste of life. It’s time to put away our selfishness and come together.”

The youngest son of reggae legend Bob Marley, DAMIAN “JR. GONG” MARLEY garnered his own place in music history when he became the first ever reggae artist to win a GRAMMY outside of the reggae category, taking home an award for Best Urban/Alternative Performance for his single “Welcome To Jamrock.” Marley’s latest album Stony Hill won the 2018 GRAMMY Award in the Best Reggae Album category. Additionally, Damian appeared on Saturday Night Live alongside Jay Z to perform their standout track “Bam,” and he is also featured on Ty Dolla $ign’s acclaimed track “So Am I” with Skrillex. Most recently, Damian released the remix and music video for his single “Medication” featuring Stephen Marley, Wiz Khalifa, and Ty Dolla $ign.

Often imitated but never duplicated, BONAFIDE BAND consists of three members including Jr. Rootz (lead vocals/drums), Rickydread MD (keyboards/vocals), and Bass Wayne (bass/vocals). Now based in Las Vegas, these gentlemen hail from Montego Bay, Jamaica, and their loyalty to their home runs deep. The BONAFIDE BAND has given back to their home community in Jamaica through various donations from their Across the Bridge Foundation.

BONAFIDE BAND members have been stellar members of the Las Vegas community, lending their name to several social issues and causes. In 2012, they contributed proceeds of their music sold in Nevada to benefit the Help of Southern Nevada Organization, a non-profit that serves the poor, the homeless, and those in crisis. Congresswoman Alice Costandina “Dina” Titus journeyed to Las Vegas to personally hand a Certificate of Special Congressional Commendation to mark their 19th anniversary in the music business to the reggae band. In 2017, the group was given their own “Bonafide Reggae Day” on April 21.

BONAFIDE BAND and Broadyard Records have teamed up to take over the world by taking reggae music to places it’s never been before. “We’re always looking to do bigger things with our music by reaching out and lending assistance to families in need,” says Jr. Rootz. “Just think what this world be like if we all helped one another reach our potential. That’s what BONAFIDE stands for. If my life’s purpose is just to make me happy, then it’s a wasted life.”

For more information about BONAFIDE BAND or upcoming tour dates, please visit:

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“Please join us for this rare live stream event! After the overwhelming reaction to our Online Album Release Concert “The Walk-A-Bout Live in 20/20”, we decided the time was right for a show we envisioned while recording “20/20”, an unplugged concert that showcases acoustic performances of our extensive catalog.

This very special show will stream live directly from our stage to your living room and we’re excited to share a different approach to so many of our songs, many of them being played acoustically for the first time… See you there on October 14th!”

-The Walk-A-Bout

Pay Per View $5.00
Showtime 5PM PST / 8PM EST

Aussie-American alternative rock quintet THE WALK-A-BOUT hail from the artistic East End of Long Island, New York. On June 5, 2020, THE WALK-A-BOUT released their first full-length LP 20/20 worldwide in stores and online. The reviews are in and it’s clear that 20/20 is one of the best albums of the year, with the release climbing to #8 on the ROOTS MUSIC RADIO ALTERNATIVE ROCK CHART with an unprecedented SEVEN SINGLES SIMULTANEOUSLY IN THE TOP 50!

Produced by Andrew Michael Bertrand and mastered by Roger Lian, 20/20 is an incredibly diverse record that explores many genres, expanding the scope of band’s classic sound. There is something on the album for everyone. Whether it’s alternative rock, world music, funk, or the influence of prog rock, THE WALK-A-BOUT’s music is visceral, emotional, fun and socially conscious. Oasis Entertainment Blog calls the album “a multi-genre romp through musical styles such as funk, rock, world, Latin, and much more,” while Exclusive Magazine raves that the album is “Destined to be a classic,” and Keys and Chords in Belgium recognizes that 20/20 is “A beautiful album to discover and cherish.”

To watch the official video premiere for “TALE OF THE VIBE RIDER” please visit:

For more information including tour dates or booking inquiries please visit:

To purchase or stream the new full-length album 20/20 on digital services please visit:

AVAILABLE NOW! – NEW DAY EP from MADD SCIENTIST is an Edgy and Eclectic Collection of Hip Hop, Reggaeton, and Dancehall Music for the Night Club Setting

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For Immediate Release – Long Beach, CA – MADD SCIENTIST is a music producer, songwriter, recording artist, open format DJ, and proud gentleman bachelor. Using the professional production software Cubase, MADD SCIENTIST produces hip hop, reggaeton, dancehall, and deep house music specifically for the night club setting. He spent years as an MC and promoter at various night clubs in downtown Long Beach, and evolved into a recording artist and DJ with his debut release Mass Appeal EP in 2016. MADD SCIENTIST has since developed an intimate familiarity with open format night club music, which he showcases on his exhilarating new release NEW DAY EP, made available in stores and online August 14, 2020.

The NEW DAY EP is music for people who enjoy night club venues, VIP bottle service, and weekend day parties, and features an exciting mix of West Coast hip hop, reggaeton, and dancehall. “I love the atmosphere and intimacy of night clubs,” says MADD SCIENTIST, which shines through on tracks like “Madd Krazy,” “Take Flight feat. JTLR,” “Grinding Me (Gucci Girl),” and the way too hot for radio “You Nasty.”

MADD SCIENTIST musical influences include A Tribe Called Quest, Redman, Method Man, Erik Serman, Calvin Harris, Lil Wayne, and Lil Jon. The 2016 Mass Appeal EP that introduced MADD SCIENTIST to the scene featured the groundbreaking singles “Vegas Pool Party” and “Move It.” Following the success of “Vegas Pool Party” as a college radio anthem and the various night club remixes of “Move It,” MADD SCIENTIST released a second EP in 2016 named Scientific Evolution, which included the singles “Kiss Me with a Sound” and “SLTB.”  Notably, the “SLTB (Reggaeton Remix)” was the first official reggaeton release for MADD SCIENTIST.

Blinged Out Blue Tint

The next MADD SCIENTIST release Long Journey Home was a compilation of songs that cater directly to the Long Beach open format DJ style, a mix of West Coast hip hop, reggaeton, and dancehall music. The cultural diversity of the city of Long Beach requires that DJs and promoters know a wide mix of musical styles and club fans. MADD SCIENTIST is also a frequent patron of the underground Belizean After Hours Party scene, which gives him more exposure to dancehall, reggae, Soca, and Afro-beat music.

MADD SCIENTIST received his formal music training at Long Beach City College with classes in music theory and studio production, and other musical peers include Tyga, Kid Ink, French Montana, Nicki Minaj, City Girls, Megan Thee Stallion, J Balvin, Ozuna, Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny, Becky G, Stefflon Don, Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Shaggy, Gyptian, DJ Marshmello, and DJ Mustard.

As a history junkie and Black Studies major at Long Beach State University, MADD SCIENTIST enjoys discovering the evolution of West African Music through the Caribbean, South America, and North America areas of the world (which he calls the “Music of the Enslaved” that has become the unofficial musical voice of the world), and bringing those influences and sounds to his music. MADD SCIENTIST maintains core beliefs in God, Pan-African Music, Hedonism, and the goodness of people.

MADD SCIENTIST plans to DJ and perform at night club venues around the world. “I specifically want to host a residency in a Las Vegas Night Club on a Friday Night,” he enthuses. “I consider Friday the night where you can truly be free to allow yourself to be hedonistic.” Ever the entrepreneur, MADD SCIENTIST also plans to create his own Fitness Brand. “I believe that fitness is the understanding and mastery of your physical body,” he says. “This is a lifelong endeavor towards understanding God’s creative process. I don’t consider myself religious, but I have a strong belief in spirituality, which starts with mastering the total extent of your personal physical body.”

Madd Scientist Insta Pics - Hope 4

The NEW DAY EP from MADD SCIENTIST released in stores and online August 14, 2020.

For more information please visit the official MADD SCIENTIST website:

To order NEW DAY EP on iTunes and other digital retailers please visit:


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Available Now! TRANSITORY ECHOES Introduces Six Vibrant New Remixes from the Recently Released Transitory EP to the DR CHRISPY Universe

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DR CHRISPY (aka Dr. Chris Boshuizen) is a music producer, songwriter, and award-winning aerospace engineer dedicated to sharing his love of both music and space exploration. Following the recent release of his exciting new Transitory EP, which included collaborations with a diverse group of special guests and innovative producers from around the world, DR CHRISPY is now proud to announce TRANSITORY ECHOES, featuring all new remixes of the Transitory EP tracks from Robert Peckyno, Kevin Ochoa, Contre-Attaque, T-ROM, On Being Human, and D-Noise. TRANSITORY ECHOES released online everywhere music is streamed and sold on September 18, 2020.

Two singles from TRANSITORY ECHOES were released in the lead up to the album, including a House remix from T-ROM dropping on the US Labor Day holiday weekend (the perfect party track for a late summer playlist), and a creative and innovative dance track from Kevin Ochoa the following week.

DR CHRISPY released his Transitory EP in July of 2020, presented as a collection of short stories, each one a first-person narrative from a different speaker. DR CHRISPY worked with contributing artists for that project including The Stunt Man, Haji Mike, Med Dred, Synthapex, Psybolord,and Aeronexus. The three different tracks on the Transitory EP, each with distinct themes, cycle from morning, to afternoon, to evening, mirroring our own self-reflections as we move through our day. This creative effort has been a huge success and immediately caught the attention of several other notable producers in DR CHRISPY’s orbit, which led to the creation of this new TRANSITORY ECHOES remix project.

DR CHRISPY is an undeniably prolific creator and community builder. As an active partner at the Silicon Valley-based VC firm DCVC, Dr. Chris Boshuizen helped finance and launch the companies Capella Space Corporation and Rocket Lab. Together these two companies launched a satellite into orbit this August, and to celebrate the launch DR CHRISPY wrote and produced the commemorative instrumental track “Infinity Rising,” which featured on launch day as part of the live streaming event now viewed by over 100,000 people! This anthemic and uplifting single celebrates the dedication and hard work of both of these teams, who despite hardships and setbacks have brought their dreams into reality. Appropriately, “Infinity Rising” perfectly captures the euphoric feeling of a dream realized through hard work and perseverance.

VHS was DR CHRISPY’s first full-length release, which ranked Number 8 on the Synthwave Radio Best Albums of 2018 list and was widely praised, with Exclusive Magazine calling it “a wonderfully ambient, bouncy, fun, even thoughtful at times collection of instrumental tracks.” says, “Whether you’re out clubbing or at home trying to get things done, these nifty little rhythmic creations will likely be just what the doctor ordered to get things going.” Chris wrote the majority of VHS while traveling as an aerospace engineer, capturing the vibe of each place and moment in time he visited. DR CHRISPY released two singles in 2019, including “Drive,” which features a high tempo driving beat and catchy instrumental hook, and his tribute to the NASA Voyager 1 spacecraft “Voyager at the Heliopause” (with music video).

For the following VHS REMIXED project that released online November 22, 2019, the tracks of VHS were reimagined by producers from all over the world including The Stunt Man, Psybolord, T-ROM, Kevin Ochoa, Manor Sound, Always Romantic, Synthapex,and B Wiley. The resulting collaborations created an album that elevates the original VHS to brand new heights that even DR CHRISPY had not imagined.

After having worked at NASA inventing new kinds of spacecraft and co-founding the company Planet Labs, Chris Boshuizen decided to pursue his art full-time, adopting the nickname “Chrispy” that was given to him by his NASA co-workers. Unlike other notable “doctors” in the music industry, DR CHRISPY has a PhD in Physics, and in 2014 he won the Advance Global Australian of the Year Award for his contributions to Science and Advanced Manufacturing. Leveraging his years of experience with computer music, Chris will teach his fourth introductory workshop on electronic music production at this year’s annual Taxi Road Rallyin Los Angeles. DR CHRISPY’s goal as an artist is to connect music and tech while bringing a message of hope and empowerment to his audience. DR CHRISPY runs his home studio in San Francisco where he is actively writing and recording new music.

TRANSITORY ECHOES released online everywhere music is streamed and sold September 18, 2020.

To order TRANSITORY ECHOES on digital services please visit:

– T-ROM “Transitory Evening” Remix:

– Kevin Ochoa “Transitory Afternoon” Remix:

For more information about DR CHRISPY please visit: or

For more information about the TRANSITORY ECHOES contributing artists and producers please visit: