Midwest Record Review: Unknown Hero “In My Head”

20 Sep


“Ziggy Stardust was a long time ago and now the nu generation finds a need to hoist up a nu Zigster. A modern mash up set by a crew that feels marginalized, these days, you’d be amazed just how big a niche can be—especially when the ‘net knits it all together. It’s almost like a nu shoe gaze mash up heads for space. ”


To pre-order IN MY HEAD from iTunes please visit http://smarturl.it/unknownhero

For more information about UNKNOWN HERO and the IN MY HEAD release, please visit the Unknown Hero website and social media pages via http://www.unknownheromusic.com.

To pre-order IN MY HEAD from Bandcamp please visit https://unknownhero.bandcamp.com/

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In Case You Missed It, Watch IDC Founder Steffen Franz On How To Start Your Music Career

20 Sep

Pyramind music business instructors Jeff Straw and Steffen Franz are here to answer all your questions around the music industry and how to get your music career started. Click to watch the amazing Q&A session to help you with your career!

Michael Doherty’s Music Log Review: Rocker-T “The Return Of The Tru Ganjaman”

19 Sep

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“Though I do like reggae, I don’t listen to a whole lot of it, partly because it sometimes begins to feel repetitive to me. But Rocker-T (Toby Petter Herskind Sorensen), on his CD The Return Of The Tru Ganjaman, does some interesting and delightful things with the form. And he’s joined by several guest musicians, including Mykal Rose and Ras Indio. This album really grew on me. Yes, it deals with a lot of the same subjects, same themes as most reggae music – peace, marijuana, and so on – but so much of it feels new here, even as those particular subjects are tackled. The main thing is that this music makes me happy, and we can all use some of that these days.

“Yankee & Yardee” is reggae with a heavy dance beat. I have absolutely no idea what he’s singing here, at least for much of the song, but I’m enjoying the groove. And toward the end he calls out a few familiar names: “Sugar, Dennis and Gregory/Peter, Bunny, Bob Marley.” Folks that current musicians acknowledge a debt to. Gappy Ranks (Jacob Lee Williams) then joins Rocker-T on “Need Some,” which has more of a familiar feel and has a positive sound. Mykal Rose and Mr. Williamz join him for “Disgrace.” “Why is it that they can’t unite?/Why is that they can’t stand together?” Good questions, and presented over a catchy groove.

The song that really got me excited about this disc is “Herbalist.” It is so catchy, so joyful, and it features Mama-T on vocals. The first time I listened to this album, this is the song that grabbed me, the song that turned my day around with its positive, bright sounds. It’s a wonderful track, dedicated to the herbalists “who bring all the healing,” and knocking the ridiculous war on drugs. “Let go the herbalist, you let him be/Let go the herbalist, you set him free.” And of course you can dance to it. So there. It’s followed by another stand-out track, “Man Ah Warrior.” It has just a bit of a New Orleans Dixie jazz vibe that makes me love it. It’s an overall fresh sound, and by this point in the disc I was totally in.

Bass player and vocalist Skip Wicked (Spencer Burton) of Indubious joins Rocker-T on “Chillum,” an unusual and excellent song with something of a tribal rhythm and some impressive vocal delivery. I want to lose myself in the beat, close my eyes and dance until the walls disappear. It has that kind of power, you know? And it’s followed by yet another highlight, “Garden Of Goodness.” It’s funny that a song celebrating marijuana should begin with the sound of someone coughing. But there you have it. This song is a lot fun, and has a delightfully fresh and bright feel. “In the garden of goodness/There’s a weed for releasing my stress/Oh yes, it’s the best/In the garden of goodness/Marijuana caught my interest.” Jah Wave and Ras Indio join Rocker-T on this track. Then Prezident Brown joins Rocker-T on “Blazing Everyday,” obviously another song about smoking marijuana.

Just a couple of months before the release of this CD, Rocker-T put out a disc titled Tru Ganjaman: The Remixes, which contains twenty-three versions of “Tru Ganjaman.” If that CD didn’t provide enough of that song for you, this CD gives you “Tru Ganjaman Megamix,” which I suppose is the title track. Oddly, I don’t find this track nearly as compelling or enjoyable as everything that precedes it. This one ends with coughing. And the tracks that follow it are all remixes of earlier songs, including two versions of “Real Singer Smoker” (I prefer the Phibes Remix) and two versions of “One Million Matches.”

CD Track List

  1. Yankee & Yardee
  2. Need Some
  3. Disgrace
  4. Herbalist
  5. Man Ah Warrior
  6. Chillum
  7. Garden Of Goodness
  8. Blazing Everday
  9. Life Over Death
  10. Tru Ganjaman Megamix
  11. Ganja Slengin (Nickynutz Remix)
  12. Real Singer Smoker (Mt. Analogue Remix)
  13. One Million Matches (Yungg Trip Remix)
  14. Militant & Real (Ill Text Trap-A-Lot Mafia Remix)
  15. Real Singer Smoker (Phibes Remix)
  16. One Million Matches (Mylk Remix)

The Return Of The Tru Ganjaman was released on June 17, 2016. By the way, the digital release of this album contains three more tracks.”


For more on Rocker-T, check out his website: www.rocker-t.com

Check Out These Short and Sweet Tips for Your Viral Video

19 Sep


“Everyone would love for their video to be like Whiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” and go viral with millions of views overnight, but that rarely happens…Here are a number of generally accepted principles for creating a video that has a chance to go viral”

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Rootstime.be Review: Birdseed “Not Out Of Time” (translated)

18 Sep


“There is something special about this band from San Francisco. The group was formed in 2012 by parents who met each other at their children’s music school. Guitarist Mason Morfit, drummer Scott Bell and bassist George Belton were the first three band members to search for the endless list of coverable rock songs. Without thinking too much about it, they signed up for the “Battle of the Dad Bands” in the Bimbo’s 365 Club, and it was only when the date for that match came close, that the trio realized that they were nowhere without a singer. In a mood of mild panic they came to Kerry Landreth, whose voice proved to be a true discovery, and in that way, the band was able to flourish.

George Belton left the band after some time and was replaced by Lane Murchison, the founder of the Bird Music School, where the parents met. A little later, multi-instrumentalist Jamie Goodyear joined. The band got even more glory when saxophonist Peter Landreth joined the ranks. In 2015, when singer Kerry Landreth learned she had breast cancer, everything suddenly became urgent: the first two songs, “Next Trip Around The Sun” and “More Than I Needed The Truth” were recorded and were a sort of testament to her journey.  In the first song Landreth writes about mortality and fear, in the second, she summarizes that in a good relationship you should prefer happiness rather than being right. Sounds a bit swollen, maybe, but if you know that the singer was very ill, from the hospital room straight to the studio, even having to lay down on the ground at times, then you would listen to those songs differently. In early 2016, “We Can Do It” and “Not Out Of Time” were recorded in about the same painful circumstances, with the additional speciality of lyrics written by Kerry’s daughter Bebe in the song “We Can Do It.”

Beginning in 2017, there was “I Want You To Know,” a love letter from a parent to a child, where the parent knows well enough that the child will be able to catch the message only years later. The five songs have now been gathered on a 10 “vinyl record as a preview of their tour, which will be at the end of 2017.

The music itself is rock, with country accents, with pop influences. More than once you think of Fleetwood Mac, but just as well you hear the early Carole King pass by. This is a very nice recording of a band, whose members were no longer teens when they decided to start the group. Of course, that they can all play their instruments very well, but it is especially the powerful message behind the songs that suits the attention of listeners.”


Order NOT OUT OF TIME on iTunes:


BIRDSEED will be touring in the Fall of 2017 in support of their NOT OUT OF TIME 10” Vinyl EP, which is available worldwide online and in stores August 4, 2017.

For more information about BIRDSEED and the NOT OUT OF TIME EP, or upcoming tour dates, please visit the band’s website and social media pages via www.birdseedband.com

For more information about Bird School of Music please visit http://bird-sf.com/

To order the NOT OUT OF TIME EP, please visit the Bird Records Bandcamp page at https://birdrecordingfoundation.bandcamp.com/

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Attention All Indie Musicians: Here is a Mini Finance Guide to Help You Out!

18 Sep


“Whether you’re just getting into the industry or have been at it for a while, chances are good that you’ll run into some challenges funding your career. Here we look at a mini-guide on how to better steer your finances.”

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15 Sep


Visit World A Reggae Now To Watch the “Let Me Love You” Music Video!

International Reggae Artist I-Octane to Release Video for “Let Me Love You”

As the anticipation for I-Octane forthcoming 2018 “Love and Life” album intensifies, the reggae star has released the “Let Me Love You” single.

Produced by multi-talented renowned producer Matthew “Esco Da Shocker” Thompson, the sentimental single displays the amorous side of the crooner, as his female fans have been cravingly clamoring. “Everywhere in the world my amazing female fans are always cussing me and asking for more love songs. Love is a universal language, doesn’t matter if in Russia, Kenya, China. We all relate to the word L.O.V.E. So since the song came about, they’ve been singing it and filming themselves, sending it to me, showing me love, and in turn i want to show them love as well“.

The reggae troubadour paired the single with beautiful visuals filmed and directed in Jamaica by acclaimed Bling Blang Work co. Behind The Scenes footage was recently released as a teaser for the audience (Watch HERE)

While the single “Let Me Love You” is available on all major online digital stores (smarturl.it/letmeloveyoubuy) via I-Octane’s new deal with San Francisco based Independent Distribution Collective (IDC), the video will premiere September 15th, 2017 on WorldAReggae.com


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