The Rocker Praises Jordan Hurwitz In New Review

Very few people will have their music reviewed along side Joe Satriani and The Who, but Jordan Hurwitz can now count herself among them. Stuart Hamilton from the UK’s The Rocker took a look at Jordan’s brand new EP, and managed to use both the phrases “over-achieving” and “world domination” in his review.

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‘It’s the Hustle’ – A review by Anne Carlini

“If you don’t know who Bobby Hustle is, that’s ok, as soon everyone will, trust me!”  Anne Carlini

Bobby Hustle’s new debut album, It’s the Hustle, will be out on July 17th.

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Saturday in the Park McLaren Indiegogo Supporting Concert Series Is Live

Check out the Indiegogo for the Saturday in the Park McLaren series happening at the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater in San Francisco starting in August. It’s extremely important to have a place where artists can showcase their works for all to enjoy. Unfortunately, there are costs involved with putting on events such as these, so any support is appreciated.

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Jordan Hurwitz’s “Here I’ll Stand” EP Available Everywhere Today!

Huge congratulations on the official release of Tarpan Records artist Jordan Hurwitz’s brand new EP. This is her third release, but absolutely not the last. She has a very bright future ahead of her, and this EP proves it.

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682384058435 Cover

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Congratulations To The 2015 NBA Champions Golden State Warriors!

It was a thrilling season capped off by an electrifying Final series. Last night the Golden State Warriors proved why they have been the best team all year by finishing off LeBron James and the Cavaliers in Cleveland. For the first time in 40 years, the team got to raise the Larry O’Brien Trophy high in the air.

The parade on Friday in Downtown Oakland will represent the culmination of an amazing effort. A team many said would not have a chance because “shooters don’t win championships” or “they don’t have that ‘it’ factor”. But all doubts were dispelled last night, and any further criticism is simply chatter.

On behalf of the IDC team, we would like to congratulate the Warriors on their victory. Most of us have been following along all season, and the loyalty exhibited by the entire Golden State fan base has paid off. This is truly a team that unites the Bay Area under a common banner. Regardless of any city affiliation, the blue and yellow can be appreciated and cheered for by all.


To continue to relive the magic of the Warriors’ effort, check out IDC artist’s Morgan Heritage video for their song “We Are Warriors”, set to some of the most thrilling highlights from this Golden State season:

D.Edward’s Video For “Show Me” Breaks 10,000 Views!

Major congratulations to D.Edward on his video for “Show Me” feat. Jenna Lavoie and this accomplishment. The video was released just 3 months ago and already has 10,723 views. Independent music making waves! Keep up the amazing work.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 12.44.55 PM

To watch the video and be a part of the D.Edward movement, click the picture!

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Excellent 4 and 1/3 Stars Review For Jordan Hurwitz!

The third release from Tarpan Records artist Jordan Hurwitz, “Here I’ll Stand”, is officially a week away from availability and the stellar reviews continue to roll in.

Earning comparisons to both Shania Twain and Carole King, kept it concise but powerful in their praise for Jordan’s music. The last line says it all, “Standing her ground doesn’t mean Hurwitz won’t move the earth.”

To read the whole review follow the link:

682384058435 Cover

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