Music In Belgium Review: Amanda Abizaid “Walking In Twos” (translated)

8 May


Amanda Abizaid is a songwriter and singer originally from both the US and Lebanon. She is a singer / songwriter who is now proposing a new project. In the form of an EP 6 titles + a remix, the mini album is intended to help a school located in the Philippines (Aeta Filipino Children), to help educate these young people. Stephen Stills (Buffalo Springfield, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young), who comes to help the young woman on the beach holds the precious help of a great gentleman of music . Defining a style where Neo-soul and World-Music meet with even electro influences, The musical approach of the singer especially emphasizes her vocal talent.

It is therefore a folk-rock ballad that starts this album, with a beach titular that pulls on both the blues and the country. Close to the style of the great Stephen, one recognizes here the folk leg of the American artist. It is the children who take charge of the choruses, even dominating at times the song of the outposts. The orchestration travels between folk, country and blues, within a beautiful humanitarian ballad. We then go to the introduction of more electro tempos, to continue on a second ballad which clearly highlights the voice of the singer. And it flows without problem on the wave of the song both romantic and atmospheric.

Preserving a background of rhythm electro see dance, Voices travel through a kind of world music where electro and exotic sounds always intersect while keeping a small ambient side. Same for the fourth release “Me” mixing the electro and the east, through a multicultural piece also bringing an avant-garde slope. If “One Love” pours into a pop-rock reggae where the voice of the beautiful enchants always, “Promises of Love” returns to this mix of electro and romantic ballad.

We finish with an electro remix of the beach holder, which closes with this strange alchemy mixing rock, pop-music and electro sounds where the children’s voices are heard again. Effectively located between pop-rock, electro-rock, Ambient and World-Music recalling some compositions of Michael Jackson , the beautiful Amanda Abizaid presents a beautiful action in the form of a mini album light and rather feminine. Delicate”

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