MusicGuy247 Interview: FloRocker, Rapper and Producer of the new full length album “Rich in the Heart”

FloRocker has just released a full length Album titled “Rich in the Heart”. An interview with the Rapper and Producer. “I’m telling a story about my life, and things that I experienced or may know about.”


FloRocker is a young talented rapper and producer from California. He has just released a full length CD titled “Rich in the Heart”. Judging by the quality material on it, he’s gonna be “Rich in the Wallet”, because the songs flo’ with strong lyrics, catchy hooks and danceable beats. What keeps it interesting from track 1 to track 12 is the variety… from rap, to hip hop and more. FloRocker explains “I’m telling a story about my life, and things that I experienced or may know about.” FloRocker also produces other gifted artists on his ‘FloStyle Independent” record label. Get in the current, the music will flo’ worldwide. I asked FloRocker a few questions on his new release.


R.V.B. – Congratulations on your new album release “Rich in the Heart”. Does the title suggest that your heart is where this music was born?

F – Yes. Just stating no matter where I go, Richmond Cali will always be in my heart.

R.V.B. – What was the process of creating this collection of works? Were these recent compositions or things that took some time to complete?

F – Process was going through beats that I already made in previous months… that was inspiring.

R.V.B. – Who were some of the people that helped out with this album? How did they contribute?

F. – Bentley, Ms. Denaro & K-Rob the singer – Well for starters Bentley is a producing partner helped on the production side. We have Ms. DeNaro did a great job lending vocals on several songs. Also I have K-Rob the Singer who is a business partner, along with sharing some vocals.

R.V.B. – What was the catalyst that got you involved with music? What were some of your early influences?

F. – Sons of Funk bringing me too Master P’s No Limit recording sessions & videos. That’s when I realized I need to be a part of the entertainment world.Watching all the powerful people come from the Bay Area rich history. In the Rap and Hip Hop genres, the beat is sometimes the core of the material.

Florocker 2

R.V.B. –  Do you start with this and build around it when writing music?

F. – That’s correct, the beat pretty much tell you what direction to go.

R.V.B. – Does the environment that surrounds you have an influence in your music?

F. – Yeah, because I’m telling a story about my life, and things that I experienced or may know about.

R.V.B. – Do you have any live performances that stand out?

F. – I actually do. A couple years back K-Rob the Singer had a performance in LA on Sunset. I was on stage with him as a hype man. A female yelled out we love you FloRocker I didn’t even have a song out. That was Crazy!!!!

R.V.B. – Is it difficult to keep up with the electronic technology in this music genre with all of the changing advances?

F. – No, because you have to make technology keep up with you. Remember good music will never die. Stick to what’s working for you.

R.V.B. – What are your plans on supporting the new release?

F. – I plan to do a little touring with some buddies, and continue to promote Rich in the Heart album.

R.V.B. – Where do you see yourself in music 5 years from now?

F. – Involved in some of the hottest records in the world. Covering all parts of the entertainment business.

Interview conducted by Robert von Bernewitz

This interview my not be reproduced in any part or form without permission from this site.

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