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Please Join Ray Vaughn at Hotel Utah Saloon, Saturday, July 29th!

14 Jul


Please join Ray Vaughn and special guests Karney and Air For Ants for a magical performance at Hotel Utah Saloon in San Francisco on Saturday, July 29th!

For More Information, please visit the event’s Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/events/241112686389549/

Highlands Magazine Review: Ray Vaughn “Wounded Bird” (translated)

3 Jul

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“This is the second album for the rocker Ray VAUGHN, who is a guitarist, and at the end of the seventies, played with THE HOSTAGES until around 1992. It is not until 2013 that we see him on stage to defend his first solo effort WAY DOWN LOW with punk rock trend. This second album is rather rock. Ray has surrounded himself with a band of rockers who asks only to beat: Michael ROSEN guitarist as Ed RAWLING also producer. We owe them TESLA, RANCID, PAPA ROACH ex THE HOSTAGES. New people try to break through Ray’s reputation as James DE PRATO of CHUCK PROPHETS on bass, Prairie PRINCE, drummer of TUBES and RUNDGREN.

An album based on guitars, with a song present and rather passionate. He started off well with Human Calculator, animated by the Hammond organ by Phil BENNET of STARSHIP, guitar maids and a rhythmic as excited as overflowing. Ray hardened the subject with Wounded Bird: no dead time, one runs like a machine heated to block with profusion of guitars, Ray to sing particularly virulent for a title more persuasive. It is with a certain culte that intervenes a resumption of True Faith extracted from the repertoire of NEW ORDER, the famous group of Manchester and not that of ex STOOGES. We combine power and inventiveness with bass forward, more violent than the original but what matters is excellent.

Change In Latitude changes completely, we appreciate the slide of James DE PRATO, rather blues title in the form of pure very USA. One puts the nail with the superb Song For You in emotion, not very far from an epic of U2. This song of Ray’s is divinely accompanied by the battery while rolling, a true hug. Rain, ballade mid tempo highlights a voice that swallows words while evolving with instruments. New emotional charge with Willow Street played in acoustic with voice at the SPRINGSTEEN, John COUGAR MELLENCAMP. We adhere in passing a very good time while Ray has half-mast the punk side. Very positive result.”


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Event Announcement: Ray Vaughn at Hotel Utah, Saturday, July 29th!

3 Jul


Please join Ray Vaughn and special guests Karney and Air For Ants for a magical performance at Hotel Utah Saloon in San Francisco on Saturday, July 29th!


For More Information, please visit the event’s Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/events/241112686389549/

MLWZ Review: Ray Vaughn “Wounded Bird”

26 Jun

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Ray Vaughn is a musician and working in San Francisco, “Wounded Bird” is  his second solo project.

From the first sounds you hear, that we have to deal with the conscious artist who from the very beginning as defined record, has a vision and consistently implements it. It is difficult to pigeonhole in one sentence his proposals, because the next catchy guitar playing appears on the album note of nostalgia, British rock and even punk rock. Generally speaking, it is very interesting. I was looking for a long time in my mind who or what ‘smells’ the production and finally found: it Iggy Pop and stylistic areas of his work. Yes, it’s probably accurate, but also very nice trail. I like music Vaughn, she actually sounds a bit ‘dirty’, but at the same time very positively.

My favorite on the album is definitely a ballad titled “Rain”. I would recommend.”


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MusikReviews Ray Vaughn Review: “Wounded Bird”

28 Jan

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Grown-up punkrocks, or at least those who are portraying themselves in this way, are nowadays like sand at sea, since the first generation change within the scene has long since taken place. RAY VAUGHN one more likely to be forgotten cult figures of the movement and did within the Californian art rock scene as a founding member of HOSTAGES apparent that brought into existence from the late 1970s a few forgotten but quite groundbreaking works.

At the moment, the bard is acting in the classical rock scene, as he already showed “Way Down Low” three years ago. Vaughn feels quite comfortable here, and you can listen to the new tracks. ” Wounded Bird ” as the predecessor of star producer Michael Rosen refined sound and appear to independently – Kudos – which was resorted to prestigious Underground helper, namely James DePrato and Kevin T White (Chuck Prophet) and drummer Prairie Prince of THE TUBES respectively the backing band of Todd Rundgren.

The material on ” Wounded Bird ” does not live by Vaughn’s swashbuckling outlaw voice but also of stylistic variety. The label “Americana” can be glued roughly, with which everything and nothing would be said; The forward-looking title does not conceal the fact that the artist is concerned with content, and this automatically leads to singer-songwriter compositions (‘Change In Latitudes’), where the lyrics are focal. The arrangement of the album as a decided rock work, however, does not stop this.

You see yourself as a listener a bit split, because basically, the mainly not too loudly amplified tracks respect us. To mention would be the longest song in the forefront of the swinging swarmers ‘Song For You’, but also with ‘Rain’. Here one clings to every further word Vaughns, which one would have liked more often if the disk had run out, because …

CONCLUSION: … here we are dealing with an autarchic and authentic musician, whose outward inner life has been musically perfectly framed, where he fills quieter sounds. The rest of ” Wounded Bird ” is then “only” good Classic Rock American-style. [ Album at Amazon ]


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Music Street Journal Review: Ray Vaughn “Wounded Bird”

27 Jan

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Track by Track Review

Human Calculator

Bluesy rock with a bit of a punk sneer, this is cool stuff. It a little on the raw side, but it’s also fun.

Wounded Bird

This is even more pure punk rock. It’s a high energy tune. The guitar solo has some of that old school rock and roll. Beyond that, though, it’s pure punk.

True Faith

There is a classic element to this number. It’s a mid-tempo rocker that’s quite effective.

Change in Latitude

A bit mellower tune, this has a lot more of a classic rocking sound than punk. It’s one of the most “different” tunes here. It’s also one of the best.

Song for You

I love the rather noisy guitar that sort of soars over this whole cut, ever present. The tune is more of a mid-tempo rocker beyond that.

Been Away Too Long

Punk, raw rock and roll and something a bit like The Stones all combine here. This is solid, but not a big change.


More of a balladic piece, this works pretty well. It grows to a more rocking number as it builds out beyond its origins. This is actually one of the most interesting cuts here. It’s one of the best, too.

It Happened on Willow Street

This starts on acoustic guitar and remains with that as the only backing for the vocals. It’s a folk meets rock kind of piece. It’s a good change, but not a great song. I think a more rocking thing would have made a better closer.


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SeaofTranquility.org Review: Ray Vaughn “Wounded Bird”

31 Oct

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Vaughn, Ray: Wounded Bird

A musical child of the late 70s, singer and guitarist Ray Vaughn was a founding member of punk art rockers Hostages before going on to bring avant-garde outfit Die Bosa Nova to bare on an unsuspecting audience. However by 1992 Vaughn was off the scene, another in the many who seemed destined to make a long lasting mark, retreating into obscurity. A surprise solo return, Way Down Low, appeared in 2013, a singer-songwriter approach finding Vaughn still sharp in attack and tough in outlook. Wounded Bird is the follow up, Vaughn still shining a light on the modern world and the issues hitting it, while offering up equally shuddering musical backing. Aided by a band made up of James DePrato (Chuck Prophet) on guitar and mandolin, Ed Rawlings (Hostage) on electric guitar, Kevin T White (Chuck Prophet) on bass and Prairie Prince (The Tubes, Todd Rundgren) on drums, it should come as little surprise that the spiky, urgent rock music Vaughn serves up, is tight and focused, while still holding a real vibrancy.

Vocally Vaughn may be an acquired taste, his unconventional Jello Biafra meets Tom Petty attack never the most precise missile, although in terms of attitude it hits the bull’s eye every time. And that’s key here, if you’re looking for the honest, but sometimes easy ride that many guys like Bruce Springsteen or Jackson Browne provide, you need to take Vaughn’s punk background into account when you approach Wounded Bird.A cover of New Order’s “True Faith” is barely recognisable and yet it hits hard and gets it point across, while the uneasy country vibes of “Change In Latitude” soothe and unsettle in equal measure. However it’s through the controlled anarchy of “Human Calculator” and hustle bustle of “Wounded Bird” where Vaughn and his chums really take their strongest swipes, the former sharp and jagged with a no compromise stare, the latter injecting a real sense of urgency. That said, with “Been Away Too Long” infusing an off kilter R.E.M. judder and “Rain” a controlled call for help, there really aren’t many moments in this relatively short CD that don’t, given time, pull you into Ray Vaughn’s way of thinking.He may be a Wounded Bird, but with his latest album, Ray Vaughn is still flying high.
Track Listing
1. Human Calculator
2. Wounded Bird
3. True Faith
4. Change in Latitude
5. Song for You
6. Been Away Too Long
7. Rain
8. It Happened on Willow Street

Added: October 30th 2016
Reviewer: Steven Reid
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